Choosing a Health System

Health programs / systems / software include:

Hospital, Clinical Laboratory, 
Diagnostic Clinic  (which may involve one or all of these specialties X-ray, Tomography, Ultrasound, MRI, laboratory tests, Text Reports, etc ...)

The choice of a suitable software for an environment involves several factors to be presented below (evidently, in the text presented here, the claim to be comprehensive is far from being intended):

In a large laboratory, the resources required for a system are immense, large amounts of information transit in the most varied forms
The patient's record, the time it arrived at collection, the passage of samples during screening and the separation of tests for different equipment,

While data is being received via the interface by the various sectors, the program is controlling the complete requests and
PDF reports for internet being issued, reports being generated,

the dynamism is immense and all this control must have a very effective system, and this also means, without defects,
any minor problem causes a huge inconvenience, delaying the essential internal routines.

These high demand healthcare environments must have high production and automation software.
They also require ease, agility in typing results for exams that are not functional for the interface.

For a small laboratory it may be more practical to type in most results. In this case, the system must offer great optimization in the manual part. Example: Flexible worksheets to distribute work productively.

The software for the hospital is of great complexity, usually has a Registration and History of patients, Medical prescription, Prescription, Clinical Evolution, Evolution and Nursing DiagnosisSurgical Description, Clinical Agenda, Surgical Agenda, Billing with several TISS versions, Pharmacy, Stock , SND (Nutrition and Dietetics Service), Financial, Purchasing, Indicators, etc ...

And also with the Diagnostic Clinic Exams (laboratory, x-ray, ultrasound ...), and these are often performed by other companies using different systems, which makes integration difficult, and when it happens, it presents accessibility not so much automated.

It is common to find descriptions such as: the best software of this, the ‘more’ program of that, however, can be efficient for a given environment, it will be difficult to complete for all situations.

Whether these medical management systems will serve the care of a clinic, hospital, laboratory, exams, will depend on the inherent method of work adopted in each environment of the health or hospital areaand mainly, on your choice, knowing the real functioning , testing performance and all features before purchasing, leaving it for later, it may be too late...



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